Leap Frog

Good morning! 

As I’ve shared with you, we have turtles in our courtyard garden area at the school where I work. Lots of them. 

It recently rained in Tulsa. Alot.

Which brought out the turtles.

There are glass windows surrounding the garden area. You can’t help but look outside and gaze upon the beautiful garden area as you pass by it walking down the halls. 

This is the sight I recently saw. 

With 11 students ranging from 2nd to 6th grades following me, no less.


“What are they doing Mrs. Carnes?” immediately followed. Out of the mouths of babes.

Leap frog. That’s it. The turtles were playing leap frog. 

“Mrs. Carnes! They’re not frogs! They’re turtles!” is what I heard.

Then I guess they’re playing leap turtle, I replied in my very best grown up, business-like, confident, cool, calm, and collected, teacher voice I could muster up.

Nature at its finest. Science when you’re not prepared to teach it. Especially with the differentiation it requires with my crew. 

So we passed on by and proceeded to engage back in the classroom in something I knew would divert them…brain break time! Music and movement. Music loud enough to drowned out any more questions. And thankfully no one modeled a friendly game of leap frog as their movement.

The moral of my blog is this. It’s always good to be prepared. Plans in place. But sometimes life throws you a friendly game of leap frog just in the most inopportune moment and you just have to roll with it. 

Here’s to those moments in life. You can’t say our God doesn’t have a sense of humor! 

And here’s to playing leap frog!🐸      🐢🐢 I’m sure those two turtles were just simply in search of the Ark. After all, it was raining. But we know I can’t make biblical references in public schools, so I chose to remain quiet.😉

And on the eighth day he shall bring two turtles.                                  Numbers 6:10

Love and laughter,



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