Let There Be Light

Good morning! 

And then there was light.

 We have begun our remodel on the outside of our house first. This past week the bars came down. On our windows that is. Our home was built in spanish style with iron bars on all the windows. I never liked it. I always felt as if I was in prison. The new bronze windows have been installed.

 Let there be light.

We began on the outside first, so we could work on the inside throughout the winter months without the weather being an issue. 

When you think about it, it’s kind of like people. The exterior, what the world sees, is always the easiest place to begin. A remodel. A makeover.  The part that others see. In our case, especially with winter approaching on our remodel. 

The old sliding glass doors in my dad’s suite were replaced this week with beautiful full length windows that let in the light. He was so excited! 

How could letting such light into a room not cheer up anyone’s disposition?

That’s how it is with Jesus. He is the light of the world.  All we have to do is invite Him in, open the door, or window, in this case, and let in the light. His light. Let it shine through you. 

It makes even a rainy day have a sunny disposition. Joy, His joy, can prevail through the worst of turmoil with a little light. From the sun. God’s son, that is.

A big shout out to my husband who has such exquisite taste on windows. And everything.  After all, he married me, didn’t he? Just kidding! 

As I go to work early each morning and am learning a new career, putting in late hours, he’s been handling the remodel front. Not letting one detail go overlooked.

That’s just like our God. Every detail of our life is known to Him. 

So today I encourage each of you to pull back those shades, those drapes, and let in the light. Let the son shine through you!

Again Jesus spoke to them saying, I am the light of the world whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.                          John 8:12

Love and laughter,



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