Open Door Policy

Good Morning! 

As part of the demolition process for our home remodel, we removed the doors and casings off of most the rooms except our personal bedroom and bathroom. 

And then there’s my big golden retriever who feels the need to come in and open the door every time I enter my bathroom by  pushing it with his nose. 

We are operating on the open door policy.

The door is always open at our house.

That’s not a bad way to live. My mother taught me that outlook on life. Always welcome others into your home regardless of their color or status with an open door. Be available to others. Hide nothing. Live so anyone could see your actions. 

An open door policy actually means admitting people of all nationalities or ethnic groups to a country upon equal terms.

That’s how it is with Jesus. Everyone is welcome. We are welcome to come in, sit down, and have a chat with him anytime! And he is always available to listen. 

Let’s all live with a little more love and acceptance and a lot less locks and closed doors and closed minds.

Come on over. Our doors are always open!

I know your Deeds behold, I have put before you an Open Door which no one can shut because you have a little power, and have kept my word and have not denied my name.    Revelation 3:8

Love and laughter,



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