Good morning! 

Fair doesn’t necessarily mean  everyone gets the same thing in my class. 

I have 2nd through 6th graders. At all different levels. I have to differentiate my teaching.

Fair in my class means getting what you need. 


Today the fair comes to town. The Tulsa State Fair. Many of my students are going. It’s all they can talk about. Many of them are not. Due to poverty. So the fair is coming to Mrs. Carnes room. It’s only fair. 😊

We are having Fair Friday. We’ll begin our day with writer’s workshop, writing about what we would do at the fair if we were to go. We will then each have our very own corn dog. With lots of mustard. We’ll dip our breakfast apples in caramel. We will have cotton candy. We will watch a video from The Tulsa State Fair petting zoo from years past. We will watch a video of a roller coaster ride from the front seat. We will listen to a song from one of the performing bands. All in the name of social studies. We’ll use play money to buy our food and our ride pass for the roller coaster in the name of math.  And we’ll read from Charlotte’s Web for our read aloud, a favorite of mine, that much of it takes place at the local county fair.

When life doesn’t afford you the same privileges as others, you improvise. You bring the experience to life in your mind.  That’s why I teach.

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. But fortunate for us, our God is. He’s bigger than the state fair. His blessings endure forever. Not just for 10 days.

Here’s to Fair Friday!  But here’s to our God! He’s got it all in his hands.

I hope you enjoy your 10 days of fun and food if you go to the fair. And while you’re there, have a fried something on a stick just for the fun of it! Because you can! For my kids. 

God is fair and just, he corrects the misdirected, sends them in the right direction, he gives the rejects his hand and leads them step by step.          Psalm 25:8-9

Love and  laughter. 



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