Paid In Full

Good morning!

I recently got married. Two became one not only in our wedding vows, but we also needed to join households. Two needed to become one. 

So as you know if you follow my blog, my husband moved into my home with my father and me and sold his home. 

It closed last week. At closing they marked it sold. Paid in full! 

Just like my husband’s home sold, and his buyer paid the agreed upon price for it, Jesus paid the price for us. He died for our sin. So we could have eternal life. Our account is now marked paid in full just like the closing papers on the sale of my husband’s home.

How does that make you feel? Paid in full. Someone paid off your debt for no other reason than because they love you. That’s cause to honor God. With our bodies and our spirits.

Let’s all honor Him today. For all He’s done and all He’ll do. 

Paid in full. That’s a pretty great way to go through life. With no debt hanging over our heads that we can’t handle. Let’s celebrate.  Just like we did when our two homes became one. 

For you were bought with a price.     1Corinthians 6:20

Love and laughter, 



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