Good Clean Fun

Good morning!

You can’t say we don’t have some good clean fun in our classroom! This was yesterday. 

Instead of writing letters and words with pencil and paper, we used our fingers and shaving cream. 

Some of us learn by seeing. Some of us learn by hearing. And some of us learn by doing. Hands on. Touching. Kinesthetic learners. 

That’s what we were yesterday afternoon. 

My class had worked so hard all morning. I didn’t hear a peep out of them. Most got 100s on their math worksheets. I was so proud of them! I told them there would be some type of reward in the afternoon.  

So I got out the can of shaving cream. I’d gotten it out one time before. And they loved it. It takes so little to appease them. Everyone got a little squirt of white foam on the table in front of them. As I called out letters or words, they wrote them in their shaving cream. On the tables. 

The cool, soft shaving cream was fun to play in! They didn’t even realize they were working! 

Writing. It’s not my students’ favorite subject. In fact, they like it least of all. But, I love it! ❤ It’s my passion. I want more than anything for them to read. And WRITE! I’m good with them writing phonetically. I just want them writing. There’s always spellcheck. 😊 

And yesterday they wrote. And they giggled. And they engaged in education. All because of a $1 can of shaving cream. 

Try it. It’s kind of fun. With your kids. Or grandchildren.  Or all by yourself if you so desire. It’s good clean fun. And by the way, they each cleaned up after themselves marvelously. 

Our letters. Our sight words. They were written. 

Jesus’ famous words.

See how important writing is.

“It is written.”

I encourage each of you to.pick up your own copy of the good book today and see all that is written.

Jesus answered, “It is written. ‘Man shall not live by bread alone.”           Luke 4:4

Love and laughter, 



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