Everything’s Better With Butter

Good morning! 

My students are intellectually disabled.  Therefore, they struggle with reading. 

Let’s face it. The English language is very difficult to master! There are so many exceptions to the rule. Our brain is wired for speech, but we have to be taught to read. 

So every day I try to help them learn something new in a fun way. With simple directions. Hands on. 

I recently read a book to my students called Pancakes For Breakfast. It was a wordless picture book. So I said nothing at all. I simply turned the pages, 36 of them, not saying a word, just showing my students the pictures.

Once I finished, I explained to them that we use words to communicate, but sometimes pictures can be used in their place. I used a book with absolutely no words to model my point.

As part of the story, the lady churns the butter for her pancakes. My students were fascinated by it, and had no idea what that was. I tried explaining how butter was made from cream to them, and then I said,” Haven’t you ever made homemade butter?”  My own children had all made it when they were young in vacation bible school. But my students looked at me in bewilderment. “Tomorrow we’re making butter!” I said. 

brought an empty jar, and the heavy whipping cream I had picked up on my way home from school the day before. That next day for science we watched a video on how you can change a liquid to a solid, and then we made butter.

We each shook and shook the butter. First we tasted the whip cream. Then it separated, the butter from the whey. We spread the thickened butter on saltine crackers and tried it. There’s nothing better than butter! Homemade butter! They all enjoyed it. The product of their own labor.

How about you? What products are you proud of, made from your own labor?

I encourage you to try your hand at whatever skill or talent you so may choose, to produce your own works of labor.  For labor produces profit. Talk alone only leads to poverty. 

Together let’s help teach our future generations how to lanor. How to produce works from their hands. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Let’s all shake it up a little. Just like our little jar of butter.

In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.         Proverbs 14:23

Love and laughter, 



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