The Dance

Good morning! 

Last night on our way to dinner we stopped by Kendall-Whittier. Last night was our first school dance. I wouldn’t miss it. I’ve never seen so many precious little girls in fancy dresses with beautiful braids.  

What a great opportunity for students and families and staff to experience community. To connect.  To engage. To dance. 

 There were tattoos and facepainting, and concessions. And there was dancing. 

I introduced my husband to several of my fellow staff members as well as some of my students.  I gave him the fifty cent tour of the school and showed him my classroom. We covered the whole gambit. But one thing we didn’t do, we didn’t dance. We missed the dance!

I love Garth Brooks song, The Dance.❤🎻 

My advice to you. Don’t ever miss the dance in life.  Don’t ever let life’s bumps stop you from living, from trying, from enjoying, from dancing, 

Many of our students from pre-K to 6th, have very little to be joyful about. Yet they were there. And they danced. They smiled and flowed with the beat of the music. Dancing. Without a care in the world. Dancing. It’s so much more than simply moving to the beat of the music. It’s an act of worship.

One thing I know for sure. I’ll take all the pain any day for the chance to dance. How about you? 

And thank you, Jayme, for being my dance partner through this crazy phase we have begun in together. A time of RE…REmodeling our home and REinventing our careers.  A time of slow dancing with an occasional stepping on each other’s toes here and there, and then a dip to take my breath away and sweep me off my feet like only you can do. We may just be learning each other’s true tempo, but we can enjoy every moment together of our dance. 

And David was dancing before the Lord with all his might.                          2 2 Samuel 6:14 

Love and laughter, 




One thought on “The Dance

  1. Sandy, loved your blog. I just read a book entitled THE DANCE written by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley – very interesting! Jim wouldn’t dance with his wife Marilyn – not even on their wedding night. They were married 27 years! Marilyn finally left him because he was such a controller – Jim learned to dance from a charming older lady and also learned a
    lot about himself – shocked everyone and danced with his daughter at her wedding and rhen his wife – saved their marriage. Of course there were circumstances throughout. Great story.
    Hugs, Aunt Barb

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