Canine PT

Good morning! 

I have a Golden Retriever. His name is Dakotah. He is spoiled rotten. He has established a routine. When let outside, he runs to his favorite spot to roll.

Pets are funny that way. He has a particular spot that he goes to roll. Another to eat his favorite treat. Another to bask in the sun. And another to pee and poop. Unlike me, he has a different spot he goes to take care of each of his businesses.  And his daily routine also includes his evening walk. That we are privileged enough to join him on. 

After we have finished our dinner, he ever so gently nudges our hand or arm with his nose as a gentle reminder that it’s time. Then he moves to his paw if that doesn’t work. Then a quiet whine. Then sitting on the stairs by the door waiting for us to take him out. Out the FRONT door.  Not the back. For his neighborhood and park daily walk.

His favorite spot to roll is the grass on top of what used to be our in ground pool. That has been filled in and covered with sod for many years. It used to be our area of physical activity. Our oasis for physical therapy. 

It has become his canine physical therapy oasis so to speak. Where he goes only to roll.

Some day I hope it to be my adult outdoor fire pit area if I have any say in the matter.

How about you? Do you have a favorite spot? A place you go to be alone? To pray?

 There’s no need to walk around and sround and sniff and circle like my friend Dakotah to find that perfect spot. God is everywhere. All we have to do is be still and know he is God, and he is there.

I encourage each of you to make meeting God a part of your daily routine. I do! Every morning! I seek God through his word as I write my blog. Today about my dog.

And it’s much more satisfying than a roll on a grassy knoll. And who knows?  That just might be why Dakotah has that smile on his face. He, too, may be meeting with his maker on his own little quiet time!

Where shall I flee from your presence?                                           Psalm 139:7

Love and laughter, 



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