We Remember 

Good morning! 

The theme for my weekly lesson plans is still centered on All About Me. This week we delved into emotions. Remember, I teach ID students. I try to make sure I incorporate important life skill lessons along the way. Social skills. 

Note to self. My frustration with all I have to learn to teach has my own emotions all topsy turvy, so why not make sure I address emotions with my students? I might just learn something myself. Why not teach them early to get them under control?

On Monday for Writer’s Workshop we wrote about sad. Remember 911. Tuesday was glad. Today is mad. Do you recognize the pattern here? Cvc words for my beginner readers.😊

It was very challenging to say the least trying to describe the events of 9-11 to a group of children, intellectually disabled students, that weren’t even born yet when it happened. To not scare them with too many details, yet to emphasize the importance of what Americans learned from that day. The day that changed America. So I used pictures. 

I found an excellent video made by a NY Elementary School Principal that depicted the statue of liberty, our symbol of freedom,  watching over the Twin Towers. With sadness.

We all remembered. Those of us that were alive 16 years ago. Remembered where we were at the moment those surreal events took place. We all have stories to share of personal involvement. Personal loss. Yet it has made us stronger.  As a nation.  We’re no longer vulnerable.  

What do you remember?  Where were you? What did you learn?

I pray we never forget. But we remember.  Remember the heroes. Remember the unity found across our nation. The patriotism. The love for country and our fellow mankind. 

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he choose for his inheritance.                                     Psalm 33:12

Love, but no laughter, 



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