Sweetest Call Ever

Good morning! 

Thursday night we had already crawled into bed, and I received a call from my father in law.  On my cell phone. He’s kind of a night owl. We put him on speaker phone, so we could all visit.  He asked how school was going for me. 

You have to understand, this man has only been my father in law for two short months.  But he’s been my principal for 40 years!

What an enduring call! ❤ It so touched my heart!  He called ME! Not his son’s phone! Caring about how teaching was going for me!  He was a principal. Yet he’s retired. But always a principal  at heart. He gets IEPs and lesson plans more than I’ll ever comprehend.  

He made my day! We chatted about school and our upcoming visit to see him next weekend in Dallas, and all sorts of things.  We spoke about football and cats and cars. We touched on most everything of importance. But mostly, we touched on that unexplainable care between teachers. That I’ve got your back.  I get it. I’m with you.  Kind of feeling you get among peers.  

I love my husband dearly! But I’m equally blessed to have my past principal as my father in law!

I love that man! 

His sweet caring words to me…how’s school going? will always ring dear to me in my heart. Just as he is. And was. From the day that I met him. Dear to me. ❤

I remember as a child learning the homophones, principal and principle. Two words which sound the same, but have different meaning. I’ll never forget. 

Your principal is your pal. 

The person with the highest authority in an institution. That’s your pal. 

And mine surely was. And now I’m doubly blessed to call him my father in law. 

Thank you Mr. Fowler for all your guidance and leadership and love. It will never be forgotten.  Only passed on from generation to generation for years to come. 

How sweet your words taste to me: they taste sweeter than honey.     Psalm 119:103

Love and laughter, 



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