Good morning! 

I’ve recently become a user of DoJo. A classroom token economy system popular in elementary schools that turns your classroom into a community.  You set the limits. It’s nothing but positive. Students can be rewarded with points for any skills or values you set.

By using DoJo, you are giving students ownership to their own educational experience.

That’s kind of how God does it with us. He gives us ownership of our own lives, and he set up the the skills and values necessary in His community for us to reap rewards. 

No phone or computer app necessary. 

I’m all about positive.  Rewarding good choices. Giving extra credit or points to those that try harder, have great attitudes. With free time on Fridays. And popcorn parties. And computer time. And trips to the classroom Treasure Chest. God has taught me to see the heart not just the work on the paper. I hope He sees mine as well when he dishes out his version of DoJo rewards. ā¤

How about you? Are you earning DoJo points in God’s kingdom?  Let’s all do our best so we can, but let’s never forget, it’s not us, but Jesus, Jesus is the only one that can give us our reward. Just believe. And you too will be rewarded greatly!

God will repay each person according to what they have done.                         Romans 2:6

Love and laughter, 



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