Houston, We’ve Had A Problem Here

Good morning! 

We’re all probably familiar with the phrase, “Houston, we’ve had a problem here,”, spoken by the crew of the Apollo 13 moonflight.back to their Houston base in regard to a major technical problem they had experienced.

We currently have had a problem here. This time in Houston not reported back to them. The problem is Hurricane Harvey.

It has taken its toll on our fellow Americans living in the Houston area.

Last night I watched an empty stands supporting the Houston Astros in baseball in Tampa Bay. It saddened me. They could not play in Houston as planned thanks to Harvey. No one can play in Houston thanks to Harvey. Not even the children.

Today’s blog will be brief. Instead of rambling on about me and my world, I turn to others. All I ask is that we come together to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Through our prayers and our donations.

I’ve been there when it comes to having someone dear to me affected by aa hurricane. I was that worried parent not knowing for days the status of my college age middle daughter living in Grand Cayman through Hurricane Ivan. it’s no joking matter. 

Houston we do have a problem.

Houston, we are saddened by your losses. We are behind you. We are here to help. We love you.

Shsre with the Lord’s peopke who are in need.                                             Romans 12:13

Love and no laughter today, 



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