Good morning!

Well, I survived my first week as a teacher.  

I have been graciously welcomed into and supported by our staff and students at Kendall-Whittier. And speaking of being welcomed and adopted in, did you know that our partner in education, our True Blue Neighbor, at Kendall-Whittier is the University of Tulsa?  TU is the home of the Golden Hurricane, for those of you that do not know. 

They help supply such needs for our Title 1 school as school supplies, spirit wear,  playground equipment, mentoring programs, and more.

On Fridays we can wear jeans and spirit wear to school. Kendall-Whittier or TU. 

I sported TU for my first Friday. It’s football season. I love football! And my husband and I have been attending TU football games together for several years. Go Hurricane!

Hurricane.                                           That’s kind of how my first week went. I blew in like a hurricane ready to start my AM duties at 7:10 each morning, and I never slowed down until the day was through. Add the paperwork necessary for each week’s grades, lesson plans, and IEPS of special education to the mix and I’m sure describing my life as a hurricane will be more than appropriately stated.

Whatever you choose to do in life, I encourage you to do it like a hurricane. With gusto. Like your hair’s on fire. Strong. A force not to be reckoned with. Work hard. Then when your week is through play hard. 

With that, I wish everyone a great weekend!  I know I’m greatly looking forward to mine! And let’s all enjoy this season, it’s time to watch some football!

But it was not long before a violent wind called a northeaster swept down from the island.                                     Acts 27:14

Love and laughter, 



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