Total Eclipse of My Heart 

Good morning! 

Yesterday was epic for me. It was my first day as a teacher, the first day of school for TPS, and a total solar eclipse of the sun. And to top it all off, my husband had a beautiful bouquet of roses waiting for me when I got home. Try topping that! I was one blessed girl!

It will go down in history and in science as the total solar eclipse of 2017. But in my eyes it was the total eclipse of the heart. My heart. 

As I spent close to seven hours with these precious young boys and girls in my classroom, I realized the total eclipse we were watching gradually take its totality was not of the sun, but of my heart. These children had welcomed me into their universe, and I was blinded by the light of their sweetness, their instant bonding between each other, coming from four different grades, different races, and different cultures. 

I needed no special glasses to see what had happened. I could feel it. In my heart. 

Why can’t we all live in such harmony as my students? I delighted in watching them enthusiastically   helping each other on the computers, together playing their online math games. 

I left in awe. In awe of a group of children that attend a Title 1 school. That receive their education from the mandates of an IEP. Life hasn’t necessarily been fair for them. They haven’t necessarily had it easy. But they know no different. 

I do. It has no affect on their smiles and their laughter.

That’s why they have mastered a total eclipse of my heart. In one single day.

How about you?

Has God called you to get involved in something outside your normal box? If so, I encourage you to follow it. Your life will never be the same. Your heart will be touched beyond measure. And I pray somehow theirs will be touched too. ❤

And by the way, that guy I call my husband ranks right up there, too, in mastering a total eclipse of my heart. His kindness, his positive attitude, his great work ethic, and his generosity all make him the great man he is. And for that he has won over my heart completely. ❤

Here’s to eclipses! And here’s to those that win over our hearts completely!

Moreover, the light of the moon will be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be sevenfold.                 Isaiah 30.26

Love and laughter, 



One thought on “Total Eclipse of My Heart 

  1. Loved your blog – what a memorable experience for you – and loved your illustration. That husband of yours is one in a million – a real keeper! Thanks Sandy – your love exuded your love for life and all involved.
    Aunt Barb


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