Porch Visits

Good morning! 

I spent several hours of my Thursday morning riding around the TU/ Kendall-Whittier part of town listening to Siri guide us to our various destinations. 

As teachers, we were given an assignment instead of being the ones handing out the assignments. We were told by our administrators to find the addresses of a few of our students and make a “Porch” visit. The guidelines were we were not to go alone nor go inside. We were to simply drop in unannounced and ring the doorbell, and just say hi. We were to briefly introduce ourselves to our upcoming students and their families, letting them know how excited we were to have them in our class on Monday, and invite them to Preview Night that evening.

We attempted to visit with seven different addresses and were successful with only three. We were told two had moved, no one answered at one, and one was vacant. What a great math story problem for our kids right there! 

When’s the last time someone just stopped in to say hi at your home? It’s certainly not the practice anymore. Porch visits of days gone by have been replaced by texts. We’ve lost alot of our social skills to technology. So it’s part of what I teach my students. 

Let’s all slow down a little. Take the time to speak to our neighbors. Drop by and say hello to an old friend. Have a good old fashioned porch visit with our elderly relatives.  It’s the glue that builds trust and value and relationship and community. 

I’m proud to be a part of Kendall-Whittier. For their outside the box kind of thinking, thinking outside the school, outside the classroom into the community and right onto the front porch. I thoroughly enjoyed the comaraderie between co-workers as we set off together on this adventure, the stories we shared as we drove along, and the hugs we shared with our new students. It made me more connected. To my school, my students,  and my community. It gave me background on all. It enriched our relationships all the way around. 

Here’s to porch visits! The only thing missing was some ice cold homemade lemonade and a rocking chair! And I can go to Cracker Barrel for that! 🍋

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.                                   Hebrews 13:2

Love and laughter, 



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