Good morning! 

Deborah Gist, the Superintendent of Tulsa Public Schools, spoke at the opening of one of our New Teacher Induction Training days.  She spoke about the core values of TPS: equity, character, excellence, team, and joy. She shared that instead of “joy”, she wanted the word “merriment”, but it just didn’t fly. 

Who jumps for merriment anyway?We jump for joy. 
And on August 21st, I hope to have a dozen new students jumping for joy to learn with me at Kendall-Whittier! 

I strongly buy into all the TPS core values. But I do love joy! I truly have that old, familiar, Vacation Bible School song, I’ve Got The Joy In My Heart playing nonstop in my head. And down deep in my heart. 

Whatever challenges life may throw at me, I refuse to let it steal my joy. Thanks to my God, joy lives deep within my soul. I wear it on the outside in the form of a smile.  

Let’s all be filled with joy. At all times. No matter what are circumstances. Let’s together jump for joy! 

Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you shall will receive, and your joy will be complete.                                                     John 16:24


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