Brussel sprouts 

Good morning! 

How many of you readers out there like brussel sprouts?  

I love brussel sprouts! ❤

They are my go to dish when I’m to bring a side dish to those school luncheons or picnics. For several reasons. They’re different.  No one else will bring them. They taste good. And they are good for you!

But let’s face it! Most men can’t stand them! They’re more of a girlie food. An acquired taste.

The other day my daughter had shared a bag of fresh brussel sprouts with me, so I roasted a batch to take to our school staff picnic.  Drizzled with olive oil, honey and molasses, a little sea salt and freshly crushed black pepper, bacon crumbles, and walnuts if you so desire. All I can say is Yum!

My husband had to leave the house for the smell! He does not quite have the affinity I do for those cute little baby cabbages! Don’t worry, they were all eaten at the picnic. He did not have to smell or eat a single one of them!😲

We all have things in life that we adamantly love or hate. Like brussel sprouts. I love them. He hates them. But we agree to disagree on them. It does not affect our relationship in any way whatsoever. 

We all should be beings of love. Not hate. That’s how we were created. Hate should really not be in our vocabulary unless it is involving evil. Sin. I know I won’t be teaching it in my classroom.

Let’s all try to turn any hatred we may harbor to the things that deserve to be hated. Not our fellow man. And not our country’s policies.  Let’s stop blaming others for that which we hate. Remember, when you point a finger at another your strongest digit, your thumb, points right back at you. 

Hate that which is evil, cling to that which is good.                               Romans 12:9

Love and laughter, 



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