Good morning! 

I’ve switched schedules for the last two weeks of my summer job working at the hospital. This morning will complete the first weekend of two weekends of night shifts for my last two weeks. Three twelve hour shifts from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., Thursday through Saturday nights. 

I’m training their new weekend night shift monitor technician. 

When my shift is complete this morning, I will make a quick grocery store run for a few needed breakfast staples, then head home to prepare breakfast for my guys. Then it’s off to bed for a quick power nap for a few hours then back up again for the day. I’ll sleep tonight. I don’t want to sleep all day. I want my body back on my day schedule. Until next Thursday night that is, when I repeat this pattern one last time.

Working nights is tough on a body. Most of us are not nocturnal. We are not programmed to stay up all night and sleep all day. 

Take yesterday for example. I slept a few, then there I lie. Supine. Staring at the ceiling, twiddling my thumbs, an insomniac. I flipped, and I flopped, trying to find that perfect position to produce more slumber. To no avail. So I finally got up.

What is your favorite sleeping position?  Are you a back (supine) or a stomach (prone) or a side (lateral recumbent) sleeper? Do you need pillows or a fan or television to help you sleep? Do you need a firm or soft mattress? Do you like to spoon or do you steer clear of any living being anywhere near you? 

I’m a blanket girl. I don’t like cold air touching me. I like to cuddle under my blanket. I prefer to sleep in the fetal position. It usually makes no difference where I’m at, either a couch or a bed if I’m under a blanket will do just fine.  I can fall fast sleep alone or with my occasional visitor, my dog, or now spooning with my husband. ❤ I normally have no problem whatsoever sleeping. Once I get horizontal, I’m out. Instant REM sleep. 

Except for when I’m on a night shift. I usually end up supine. Staring at the ceiling, twiddling my thumbs, awake too early for sufficient rest. But that’s all part of the plan we call third shift, the night shift. That’s why it’s paid the big bucks!

However you choose to lay down when it’s time to slumber, whether it’s night or day,  remember this: lay down your burdens with our Lord, and you can find that needed rest. Rest assured that your burdens will be much lesser, and your rest will be much greater.

I pray each of you slept well last night. And for you night shifters, sweet dreams my friends. 

Let’s all be thankful for rest. And better yet, let’s all be thankful for the gift of another day as we awaken refreshed. 

Here’s to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs!  Whenever you are blessed to get them. 😴

I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the Lord sustains me.                             Psalm 3:5

Love and laughter, 



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