Chipping Away At It

Good morning! 

We have begun the rehab on our family home. With it brings alot of dust. And a dumpster.😊 

You have to tear down to make new. And with demo, in our house anyway, brings lots of chipping away at it. Our master bath had three walls of tile and a shower surround. Lots of tile to chip away at. My sweet husband worked for hours removing it. It’s a slow and loud process. 

Next came removing all the brick from a two story fireplace. Again, lots of dust and chipping away at it.

Have you ever thought about it? That’s how we do life. We chip away at it. Slowly but surely. Sometimes we get a little dirty, dusty as we go. Sometimes we get a headway and can tackle a big chunk of it all at once, but generally it’s a slow process taking one day at a time. Every day we chip away at it the best we know how.  And sometimes we have to just stop and tear down and start anew. Build a better life for ourselves.

Are you equipped to tackle life with the right tools? I can tell you the best tool in your belt is faith in God. He’s right beside you as you chip away. 

I remember taking a Beth Moore Bible study where she reminded us that when Michelangelo was asked how he could create such a beautiful sculpture as Moses, his reply was he simply began and chipped away everything that wasn’t Moses. That’s what God does to us. He chips away everything of us that is not Jesus, so we may become the image of God through Christ.

Let’s all get out our proverbial sledgehammers and chisels and do a little chipping. Let’s all be open to letting God chip away our rough edges. So we can start anew! 

I live, no not I, Christ lives in me! Galations 2:20 

Love and laughter, 



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