It Is Finished 

Good morning! 

Yesterday I finished my first graduate class on the way to my master’s.  It is finished. I never would have dreamed a year ago that this is where my path would lead me. Especially at my age. But God has surpassed my wildest dreams in just about every area of my life. 

Those are magical words.                       It is finished.                                       Jesus spoke them at the cross to end his suffering. And ours as well. With those famous words he changed history. 

You don’t have to do the math on that one. It is written. Not in a textbook for public school children to learn, sadly I say, but in God’s word. Those words will not be revised or edited as hard as many try to do. That’s one book that will always stand strong. Fortunately for me, my class was at SNU. Southern Nazarene University. A place where each class session ended in prayer. And I bet The Book can be found. 

The next time you finish a task and are feeling that sense of pride slipping in, think about Jesus. On the cross. It’s quite humbling. He died for us. For our redemption. Not for any personal  gain for himself. 

And with it, it is finished. The battle is won. Satan is defeated. 

I thank God for the opportunity to take and complete my class. For putting it before me. I thank God for the grant I received to pay for it. That was truly a gift from God. I thank God for our wonderful teacher, a truly special lady in every way. She taught us of so much more than simply within the four walls of a classroom. I thank God for all the ladies I met there, and shared with daily. I thank SNU and the OSDE for making it possible. But most of all, I thank God for his son, Jesus. Our true teacher. Who showed us the way to truly live.

Whatever your personal walk may be, I pray it includes Jesus. For when it is all said and done, when our lives are finished, He, and only He, offers you eternal life, and sets you free.

After Jesus had taken the wine, he said,  “it is finished”. Then he bowed his head and released his spirit.     John 19:30
Love and laughter, 



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