Pennies From Heaven

Good morning! 

If you happened to have caught yesterday’s blog, you know I lost out on some financial blessings due to my lack of . Well, isn’t it just like God to provide just what we need?

Just about the time I learned my lesson, to better manage my gift card collection, I received this in the mail. 

A check for $21.37. From a settlement of something I recalled nothing about. I almost threw it out. It very easily could have ended up in my dumpster. 😊 It looked like a typical piece of junk mail from someone I’d never heard of to me. But for whatever reason, I decided to open it.

There was this little blessing. An unexpected financial blessing. A gift from God. Pennies from Heaven. Whatever you care to call it, this time I’m going to cash it in and not leave it in a purse. To expire.

Now I’m only down $80 in the big casino of life. LOL

Do you ever feel as if you are given a test? To see if you passed or learned your lesson.  

God wants nothing more than for us to pass. To learn our lessons. To succeed. To be good stewards of what he has given us. So we will use it, find joy in it, and share it with others. Especially the gift of salvation. The gift is His son.

Let’s all cherish those unexpected gifts that seem to come from nowhere. As if falling from Heaven.  Because they probably did. And why not pay it forward and bequeath our own unexpected gift to another every now and again either of monetary value or deed? No matter how big or small, we all love unexpected niceties. Lets all share some today!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.         James 1:17
Love and laughter, 



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