The Little Things

Good morning! 

I recently received my letter in the mail that it was time for me to renew my car tag.  I went to the tag agency this weekend to take care of it. 

I have alot going on, and I didn’t want to forget about it. As I purchased my tag, and received a real tag this time, not just the sticker, I noticed my name on the receipt was not my current last name, but instead the last name of my ex-husband of over five years ago that owned the car prior to me. Oops! Another trip to the tag agency with a divorce decree and $30 in hand, and I can take care of that one.

Rewind a bit. 

We had recently been out to dinner, and one of our favorite servers had told us her horror story about being pulled over driving home after closing from work on the Fourth of July weekend due to expired tags and a Title technicality from the girl whom she had purchased the car.  Her car was impounded and it took several days and several more hundreds of dollars to get it back. 

A similar circumstance had happened to my father as well not too long ago. His tags were well overdue. He had taken his car in to repair his fan for his air and the mechanic had told him. He nor I had aeen nor remembered seeing that rrminder piece of mail I just received. He was luckier than Jessica. He was not pulled over.

I didn’t want to be a Jessica. But upon hearing her story I realized I could very easily have been Jessica. I was single just like Jessica, trying to make ends meet, trying to keep up with life’s daily demands on a triage kind of basis. If it wasn’t for that little piece of paper I received in the mail, I wouldn’t have known to renew my tags.

Who walks behind their car anymore any way? Most people I know park in the same place by pulling forward into their spot. When they return to their vehicle they walk to the front of the car and then get in the driver’s side door. Perhaps a visit to the grocery store or doctor’s office parking lot might allow a quick glance at the back of our cars, but who’s mind is on car tags at that moment? We live in a fast paced world. We’re generally thinking and doing a multitude of other things. Thinking about car tags not being one of them.

The point of today’s story is really not about car tags. It’s about the little things. Those tedious things that we often overlook. It’s about slowing down a bit so we can pay better attention to those little things in life, taking the time to be better organized, and doing one thing at a time to the best of our ability. We are called to be different than the world. Let’s do it. 

Let’s start each day with a prayer and a mental, or written, if you’re more like me, inventory of today’s plan. I live by a to do list. Then let’s savor that morning cup of coffee and quiet time before the world hits us at warp speed. And don’t forget to take notice of the little things. That little date on the back of your car for starters. Sometimes those little things are God’s greatest blessings. 

If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with great responsibilities.  Luke 16:10

Love and laughter,



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