Good morning! 


Have you ever seen a real, live gluten? I think they are rather extinct in Las Vegas. We recently stayed at the Four Seasons Resort there, and the menu had plethora of items gluten free. Pizza. Breads. Pastas. Here in Tulsa gluten is plentiful. And very few restaurants are gluten free.

The man in my life is gluten free. He has a gluten intolerance, the body’s inability to break down the gluten protein found in wheat and other certain grains.

It got me thinking. What other things in life would we be better off if we were free from?

Jesus came to set us free. Free from sin. Sin that binds us. Just like that gluten. 

Let’s all try and live our lives free of those things that do us harm. Especially sin. We’ll all feel alot better. Inside and out. I promise. It’s God’s promise. Now pass the bagels. Gluten free, of course! šŸ˜‰

 Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.               Romans 8:2

Love and laughter, 



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