Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas

Good morning! 

Today’s blog is brought to you from none other than Fabulous Las Vegas!

It’s where I have spent the last couple of days. With the man who I have every intention of spending the last remaining years of my life with.

There’s certainly no lack of things to do in Vegas. And that’s exactly how we intend to live our lives. Together.  With no lack of things to do. 

Except Vegas is here to entertain. And have weddings. We don’t intend to live just to be entertained.  Not all taking. We want to give and take. We want to live to make things better. To leave things better than we found them.  

That’s what he’s done with my heart. ā¤ 

How about you? Do you leave a little of God’s love wherever you go? Do you leave things better than you found them? Or do you live to be entertained? 

Let’s all have fun in life. But let’s be balanced. Let’s give and take.  And let’s consciously try to leave things better.

We came to Fabulous Las Vegas as two. We’ll leave as one. That’s pretty Fabulous to me!

And the two shall become one flesh. Mark 10:8

Love and laughter, 



One thought on “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas

  1. Hi Mr. & Mrs. Fowler – My prayer for you both is nothing but sublimical happiness forever and forever.
    Love ‘n hugs,
    Aunt Barb


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