Good morning! 

It’s ironic. There are two different individuals that are very close to me that have both recently been united to siblings. Siblings they knew nothing about until they were grown. Half brothers and sisters sharing the same father.

Sometimes life isn’t pretty. Sometimes it gets complicated. Different people deal with different circumstances in different ways. 

The sins of the father, so to speak, don’t necessarily have to be carried down to their offspring. But oftentimes they are.

Both of these individuals are ecstatic to have found a new sibling! Someone they can call their own. Someone that shares a bond of DNA, and hopefully a relationship to go along with it. Sure they both have suffered the loss of years, but think of the stories! The memories they can now create together!  

The day will come when we all will experience that same feeling of reunion and reconcilliation as we are reunited with our fellow siblings in Christ. Let’s all enjoy our earthly siblings until that time comes. Then we’ll all unite once and for all with our Heavenly Father to live for eternity in heaven.

Look how good and how pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity. Psalm 133:1

Love and laughter, 



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