Love And Laughter 

Good morning! 

Famous last words. The famous last words I use to close my blog each day are love and laughter.

A friend of mine ever so kindly had this necklace made for me. Using my famous last words. It’s a gift I’ll always cherish!  ❤ & 😁

That’s pretty much how I’d sum up my life. With those two words, love and laughter. The two things that make me happy. Loving others. Others loving me. And laughing. At life. Through life. WITH others, not AT others. Mostly at myself.  It beats crying. With those two words starting my day, there are no bad days. Ever. 

How about you? What are your famous last words?

Jesus spoke his famous last words at the cross. It is finished. 

He knew the score. He had already won. And we, too, will someday be winners right along with him. No bad days. Ever. 

Until then, here’s to love and laughter. May you have a little of both in your day. Until it is finished.

Today one of my best friends is getting married. Doug and Kara, I wish you both a life time full of love and laughter. God #1. Each other #2. ❤💍🕇

It is finished.                                               John 19:30

Love and laughter, 



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