Good morning! 

I learned a new word this past week in SummerEd. 


I love it! ❤

For example: You give fourth graders scissors at their math station to cut out hexagons, ASSUMING they know how to use scissors correctly to cut the construction paper. 

They know how to cut all right. 

Little Susie’s waist long hair is now chin length. 

Never assume. 

As a teacher give precise directions. Or you may commit assumicide.

As a Christian never assume your ways are the only right way or you, too, can commit assumicide.

You know what they say:

An assumption is defined as a truth. Without proof. Basically, it’s an opinion. YOUR opinion.

Let’s all stop assuming. Being so closed minded. Opinionated. Taking a stand. Without proof. Or evidence. Or we are likely to commit assumicide. 

Making a decision based on how things appear from your own personal mindset without the proper research, evidence, or facts can kill you figuratively speaking. 

Here’s to getting the facts, never judging, and putting an end to assumicide!

He will delight in obeying the Lord. He will not judge.  By appearance nor make a decision based on hearsay.         Isaiah 11:3

Love and laughter, 



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