Keeping Score

Good morning! 

I recently had the privilege to help out with registration for a fundraising golf tournament. It was a great success. But my biggest takeaway from the event was not the total number of funds raised, but rather a precious story shared by a precious man, Les Miller.

Les Miller was one of the men instrumental in making the golf tournament the sucess that it was. While we were waiting for the golfers to begin arriving, he ever so enthusiastically shared with me that he and his wife have been married for 62 years, and they enjoy playing Gin. Gin Rummy. Every day. Several times a day in fact.  He’s retired, so they can.

The precious part is he told me he keeps score. And has been doing so for years. And years. The score is presently 4,000 something to 2,000 something. That’s some pretty serious Gin playing!♠♥♦♣ And some pretty serious years of marriage to be proud of as well! ❤

I can tell you one thing I’m certainly glad we don’t have to keep score about, and that’s our sin!

Thanks to Christ, we are forgiven. God does not keep score. If He did, I’m sure my number would be closer to infinity than 4,000. But He doesn’t. 

Now don’t get me wrong, we all will be held accountable for the choices we have made in each of our lives. For that we each will have to answer to God. But He does not hold our sin against us. It’s not like baseball, one, two, three sins and you’re out! No heaven for you!

Let’s all thank God for the forgiveness of sin. Let’s be eternally grateful to Christ for dying for our sin. 

And I want to thank God for good people like Les Miller. And his wife. And his daughter who I had the awesome privilege to work along side. Great people that exemplify love and marriage and family and serving others the way God intended it to be.

Here’s to the Millers! And their Gin game. And to keeping score. May the best Miller win! ♠♦♣♥

And here’s to all those who have donated their countless hours of time and resources to the recipients of the golf tournament.  A never ending job well done! 👍

As far as the east is from the west, so far He has removed our transgressions from us.                                               Psalm 103:12

Love and laughter, 



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