Jack Fruit

Good morning! 

Yesterday I went in to Reasor’s grocery store to purchase lemons for my first attempt at creating lavender lemonade. As I approached the lemons, I could not help but be taken back by this monstrosity. 

I’d never seen such a thing! Nor heard of it. Enquiring minds wanted to know. 

What was Jack Fruit?

Whatever it was, it was $4.00 off its original price. That in itself was enticing. Not enticing enough to purchase it, but enticing enough to snap it’s photo and bring that home to research for a blog. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t so sure I could lift and carry home the actual product!

Thank God for Google! Within a matter of seconds, I now am a much wiser person. In regard to Jack Fruit that is. Or Jak. Contrary to popular belief, you could now say,  “I know Jack.” 

It is the largest tree borne plant in the world. Let’s hope you don’t have to buy it by the pound! Its fruit can weigh up to 100 pounds each. Be careful sitting under that tree! πŸ€•

This starchy fruit is from the fig family. It’s fruit grows in pods. It grows in both tropical and subtropical regions. 

I went in for lemons, not knowing Jack, and out I came a wiser woman, now I know Jack. 

It’s fun to learn. No matter how old you are. There are always countless opportunities every day out there to broaden your horizons if you just look and listen. 

Let’s all be like the Jack tree. Let’s bear fruit. Let’s feed mouths. And feed souls. With our good works. And let’s always be open to learning new things. And who knows, the next time I’m in Reasor’s, I may just pick up a Jack!

so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;                   Collossians 1:10  

Love and laughter, 



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