Good morning! 

Fusion. It’s the new way of dining. The bringing together of elements from two diverse cuisines to make one. The end result is wonderful. If you dare try it.

Fusion is defined as marrying, merging, blending, joining, melting. A union. 

Sounds vaguely familiar. πŸ€” I just attended the best wedding ever where I shared in a union. That’s exactly what you do in a marriage. You merge, you blend, you join, and you melt together to form a union. 

And at this wonderful wedding I just attended, I sampled one of the best beverages I ever recall tasting. Lavender lemonade. 

Fusion. Lemonade and lavender. Two elements from two entirely different parts of nature. One a fruit, tart and sour. One a flower, sweet and fragrant. Yet when blended together, making the most unique, wonderful concoction I ever recall sampling.

I went out and bought some lavender of my own. It’s known for its calming effects. But I can assure you, it’s best kept secret is its flavor. In lemonade! πŸ’œπŸ‹

I can’t wait to make my own batch. To create my own fusion. To merge, blend, join, and melt the flavors together into one. One wonderful, delicious glass of lemonade. Lavender lemonade. 

And who knows, maybe someday if God has it in my plan, I can one last time merge, blend, join, and melt. Create my own fusion. Union. With another. Just like that refreshing glass of lemonade on a warm summer evening.

Here’s to fusion. And all its wonder. 

and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one.     Mark 10:8

Love and laughter, 



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