Desires Of Your Heart

Good morning! 

My middle daughter is a flight attendant. 

She recently was in Boston, a city we used to visit often. My youngest daughter’s father was from the north shores area, so we frequently flew there ourselves. 

Each time we visited, we usually frequented two places to eat. One was Roy Moore’s Lobster Co. in Rockport and the other was Kelly’s roast beef sandwiches in Danvers. 

My daughter texted me a picture of a Kelly’s roast beef sandwich. She had stopped in to get one. Yum! I hadn’t had one in over a decade! I was having food envy.

Until yesterday.  She texted me she was home, and she had a surprise. I headed that way after school. 

For my very own Kelly’s roast beef sandwich. Yum!

What a good daughter, so thoughtful! She had granted me the desires of my heart. And my stomach.

My entire day was example after example of God granting me the desires of my heart. I had a wonderful last day at Jenks West Elementary. God granted me a delicious lunch in fellowship one last time with the ladies that made up the special education department. God granted me a day full of touching goodbyes. He granted me an offer for the job of my dreams. He fed me a roast beef sandwich, and a delightful dinner with loved ones I call friends, and ended my day with a beautiful bouquet of roses. 

My support system is good. They granted me the desires of my heart. God is even greater.  He granted me the desires of my heart in His timing. Greater than I ever imagined. 

How about you? What are the desires of your heart?  

I encourage you to just ask. Ask God to grant you the desires of your heart and watch out. You may just have a May 26th just around the corner just as special as mine! ❤

Thank you everyone that made my day so special!

Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4
Love and laughter, 



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