Good morning! 

Tuesday afternoon the word spread like wildfire across our building.  It was going to be a Chipotle kind of evening. For dinner.  As a little perk in appreciation for our hard work.

As I stood in line, the teacher who told me about this deal happened to be in front of me, and the family of one of our student’s whose father also teaches was in line behind me. And another teacher from the room next door came in behind them. Jenks West educators had all convened on 61st and Yale in Tulsa to enjoy a little Mexican food. And a little spare change left in their pockets. At Chipolte.

 Who doesn’t love a little mexican food? ♡ After all, today is Cinco de Mayo. The day we all celebrate at the very least by eating some chips and salsa and drinking some margaritas.

And who doesn’t love being appreciated? We all do! ♡

As you eat and drink your mexican food today, I encourage each of you to be thankful.  For life’s little blessings. God’s provisions. Those buy one get one free kind of moments in life. When you get double your portion. When you least expect it. Especially when you are living on a tight budget thanks to being ranked 49th amongst the states in teacher’s pay.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody!         Hasta  manana!

 I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.               Psalms 81:10.

Love and laughter, 



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