Roots and Wings

Good morning!

It’s spring!  And another year of ducks. An entire dozen of them hatched this year. Born in a backyard and learning to swim on a private pool. These ducks aren’t stupid. They found the perfect oasis. 

For humans anyway. But not quite so for ducks. They added a degree of difficulty for their ducklings when departing from their frequent swimmming lessons. They have to jump out of the pool unlike a pond or river with its zero entry.

As I watched them through the window learning to get out of the pool after their swimming lesson, a few struggling, not quite big enough or strong enough, my maternal instinct wanted to go outside and scoop them up and place them in the safety of their mother’s nest. With the others. But I knew that would be of no help. It would only be enabling them. They had to learn on their own. Master their own set of survival skills. 

My mind drifted back to our own classroom. If I could only show a video of these little ducklings to some of our parents. How if we can just step back and let our children learn on their own. Show them. Teach them. But not do for them. Let them try on their own to master their own set of survival skills. So they too someday might be able to live on their own. To develop to their full potential. To eventually become independent adults in our society. 

By the way, they all eventually made it out of the pool. The one straggler finally made it all on its own. In the animal kingdom it’s survival of the fittest. I wanted him to do it. I am old enough and have experience enough to know that if he didn’t make it he would not make it. In life.

There’s a gentle balance between helping and hurting. I’ve always loved the saying the best gift parents can give their children is roots and wings.

Let’s all try to model after our friends the ducks. Let’s give our children roots and wings. Roots to come home to. Wings to fly on their own. And wings to protect them under until it’s time for them to fly.

Thank you God for your wings . To constantly protect me. And to let me fly on my own. And thank you for the ducks and their gentle reminder. Of roots and wings.♡

How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.                 Psalm 36:7

Love and laughter, 



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