The Rainbow Fish

Good morning! 

This past week Miss Marilyn read one of our favorite classroom books,  The Rainbow Fish, and our students each made their own rainbow fish with a glittering scale of their very own. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the award winning children’s tale, it’s about the most beautiful fish in the ocean wirh shimmering scales like no other that is asked to share one of his beautiful scales with the little blue fish.  Absolutely not! 😦
He soon becomes the most lonely fish in the ocean. All the other fish decide to stay away from him because he wouldn’t share. 😦 

The wise old octopus advises him to give his glittering scales to all the other fish which he reluctantly does so. He is no longer the most beautiful, but he is now the happiest fish in the ocean for his sharing gave him friends to play with. He finally felt at home among all the other fish. You see, he only had one glittering scale left, but so did each of his friends! 

What do you have that others want? Your money? A special talent? A secret recipe? 

Do you keep it all to yourself at the risk of losing everything that’s important like the rainbow fish did? Or can you share it? Offer a little to everyone. Like the rainbow fish learned to do. And by so doing, making everyone else shine a little brighter just like you and because of you!

Let’s all share. Every chance we get. It makes the world a better place. And it doesn’t diminish your beauty,  it does quite the opposite.  It brings forth your true inner beauty that lies within. 

May we all take the time to look through the eyes of a child every now and again. Their books often carry a very good message.  And may you all shimmer. Every day. With the beauty God gave you and the sparkle others share with you each and every day. 

Thank you to all you out there that have shared your glittering gifts with me! ♡

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.                                                   Hebrews 13:16

Love and laughter, 



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