Good morning! 

I was recently working on my laptop, finishing an assignment for the boot camp I am taking.  I was searching through websites pertaining to visual impairment.  As I hit enter, my screen rapidly began opening up websites on high dollar import cars, one after an other.  No matter what I tried to type, I could not stop it. It was as if it had a mind of its own. I sat back and watched in wonder. How did typing visual impairment bring up websites on import cars? Not exactly a market I would choose to advertise in if I was selling fast cars. Although I do remember a scene from The Scent Of A Woman involving both. A great scene as a matter of fact. But definitely not one to try at home.

Common sense finally kicked in, and I realized I must have a virus. Ugh! I had just purchased a brand new laptop for this course just 7 weeks ago. It had virus protection.  

Being an amateur at technology, I tried the only tricks I knew. Control. Alt. Delete. To no avail. It still had a mind of its own. It was still looking at cars. So I turned it off and back on. Still no luck. So off to Best Buy I went with laptop in hand.

Geek Squad to the rescue!

Thirty minutes and $65.00 later, it was stopped. I could once again use my computer. It was not a virus.  I’d been HACKED! In through my Web browser. 

Someone else had taken control of my computer by hacking into it. They could see everything I had stored on it. They could delete anything I had stored on it! PLEASE! Dont touch my schoolwork!!! 😦 

To their dismay I’m sure, there were no offshore accounts laundering old family money for them to take advantage of on my computer. Although I do pay a few bills online which my email could reveal.

Another trip this time to the bank to lock up my meager accounts there against such hackers.

Back at home, I felt exhausted. Emotionally. The thought that someone I don’t know had come uninvited into my life was scary. They invaded my privacy. They had access to anything they wanted without my permission.  I felt dirty. A shower would not clean this kind of filth. My heart hurt for this kind of person that does bad to others for their well being. 

Let’s all remember to always do good. Even when others do bad to us. For God is good. 

Easter Sunday is tomorrow.  Living proof of just how good God is.  He gave His son’s life for our sin. That includes the sin of my hacker. 

Enjoy the good in life. Be the good in life. And celebrate. Jesus lives. 🙂

 “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”                                                 Galatians 6:9 

Love and laughter, 



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