Crazy Train

Good morning! 

Step on board the Crazy Train. It’s the ride of a lifetime. You’ll experience both ups and downs, extreme at times. You’ll go fast and slow. Sometimes you’ll go so fast it will take your breath away, and other times you’ll go so slow you will feel paralyzed by your own fear. But don’t let it. 

It’s called life.  

And how we choose to live it is totally our free choice.  I’ve experienced it all. The ups, the downs, the fast, the slow. And I’m so ready to get off. The Crazy Train that is.  

It’s Holy Week.  Come join me.  Let’s hop off the Crazy Train and onto the donkey into Jerusalem.  For a moment let’s remove ourselves from the hectic pace of this old world and turn to Jesus. Experience His peace. His passion. His love. As never before.  As He traveled down the streets to Jerusalem. 

He knew what this week had in store for Him, yet He kept His composure remaining the teacher, the servant, and the Savior to the end. 

I want that kind of faith. The kind that doesn’t get rattled. No matter what life throws at you.  That rides in on a donkey. Not a Crazy Train.

Our King was indeed coming. And He’ll come again. 

Let’s all be ready.  Let’s stop the Crazy Train. Let’s focus on those things that really matter. Like Peace. Passion. And Love. 

And the man that died for us all. Jesus.

14Finding a young donkey, Jesus sat on it, as it is written:15“Do not be afraid, daughter of Zion. See, your King is coming, seated on the colt of a donkey

 Love and laughter, 



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