The Choice Is yours

Good morning! 

I recently received this delightful array of chocolates from Glacier Confections. They were each one a magnificent miniature little work of art. I hated to sink my teeth into them. But I did.:) And they were just as delectable on the inside as they were beautiful on the outside. I had a difficult time choosing which one to pick first. They all looked so tempting! I  sampled two pieces, the Kona Coffee and the Key Lime for starters. 
What’s your greatest temptation? 
Have you ever held something within your grasp that was so beautiful you could hardly fathom it was really yours for the taking? I can just imagine how Adam and Eve felt in the Garden of Eden. In my case, it was chocolates.  For others it may be this year’s latest and greatest model car. Or that new dream second home. 
Sometimes those things we desire come with a price. In exchange for that thing we want so badly we exchange our souls. In my case extra pounds that need to be walked off at the park with my dog. For others it means extra hours spent at the office away from family to pay the car payment or mortgage. .Whatever that price may be, the choice is yours.
Always ask yourself, Is this something that I can use to serve God?  To edify others?  Or is this just a weakness of my flesh? And never forget, the choice is always yours. Always choose God. He will never tempt you, but always provide a way out. 
Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.                        Matthew 26:41 

Love and laughter, 



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