Grocery Store Flowers 

Good morning! 

This past weekend I had quickly run in to my local grocery store to pick up a staple item we had recently run out of. I was in the express lane. In line in front of me was a man with just one item as well. A bouquet of fresh cut flowers. 

I thought to myself what a sweet sentiment,  so I decided to share the compliment with him personally. I told him what a nice guy I thought he must be. That some lucky recipient was sure to be happy with his thoughtfulness. His response was “I try. I try to do it everyday whether with fresh flowers or an emoji when I can’t. Life’s just too short not to.”

Wow! ♡ Myself and the young woman at the register both were touched by his outlook. And hopefully the someone receiving those flowers was touched as well. 🙂

I later wondered if whomever the recipient was appreciated the daily gift or took it for granted or grew weary of the same type of gift each day. I wondered if their home looked and smelled like a floral shop. 🙂  I tried putting myself in the receiver’s position. 

How would I react to a gift of fresh flowers each and every day? I would hope I would be appreciative.  But I kind of think I’d spoil the gesture of kindness by asking for them not quite so often. Sometimes less is more. 

Then I thought. Just what gift would I appreciate every day? Every single day? 

The present. Today. A gift in itself. A gift that God gives to me every single day. A gift I try very hard not to take for granted. A gift all wrapped up by God each morning with a beautiful sunrise ready to be unwrapped. By me. And by you. And each evening it is wrapped up again with an equally beautiful sunset.

The beauty that each day unfolds in its sights and sounds and smells is more than enough for me. It is a gift that costs nothing,  but offers us countless gifts within that gift itself. 

Flowers are sweet. But they wither. I’ll take the gift of today. And then eternity when my today’s run out. Spent with my heavenly father and Jesus. And hopefully offer up a sweet aroma to others of that love until that time comes.

And by the way. I still would graciously accept and appreciate those grocery store flowers any time someone cared to offer them to me.:)

His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers: his lips like lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh.         Song of Solomon 5:13

Love and laughter, 



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