Cover Your Cough

Good morning! 

It’s wintertime.  The time of year to cover your cough. Or your sneeze. With  a tissue or your sleeve. So as not to spread germs to others.

I work with small children.  Someone always seems to have a runny nose or cough at this time of year. We’re constantly teaching our students to cover their coughs. We show them videos of the germs spraying as someone coughs or sneezes uncovered.

Have you ever really thought about how fast germs spread? All the many surfaces that are reached by one cough or sneeze? How many other people touch those same surfaces? Breathe that same air? It almost makes you want to wear a mask!

That’s kind of how sin works. Sin began with one. Then spread to two. Before long we were all sinners. And sin leads to death. Just like those pesky pathogens can. Did you know a sneeze comes out at about a 100 miles per hour? Projecting millions of pathogens or germs out with it! Yuck! 😦

Let’s all cover our coughs. And our sneezes. And protect others from our germs. And thus stop the spread of diseases. Let’s also cover ourselves against sin. And ultimately death by covering ourselves in the love and blood of Jesus. It offers us eternal life. In place of death. 

Whether you say “gesundheit”  (German for “health”) or God bless you when someone sneezes, the choice is yours. (Your heart really doesn’t stop when you sneeze, so you don’t necessarily need God to bless you.) Let’s all just make sure we say it instead of being the one to spray it!

To all those feeling crumby, get well soon! πŸ™‚

Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all sinned.             Romans 5:12

Love and laughter, 



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