The Pout-Pout Fish Goes To School

Good morning! 

Thursdays at Jenks West Elementary for me mean helping out in different classrooms. Wherever I’m needed.  I have a basic schedule of friends to help, but often it varies. 

I like that.♡  It allows me to meet new friends. Observe different teaching styles. 

Yesterday I helped out in a classroom with a new student. And a great teacher snd ECA! ♡ The teacher ended the day by reading her class a book. The Pout-Pout Fish Goes To School.  

It was an ever so clever rhyming children’s book about new beginnings. Losing your way. You see the Pout-Pout Fish went to school for the first time. And he lost his way. As he saw the other big fish writing their names, drawing a rhombus, and doing math and he just couldn’t do it, he became frustrated. He took his.pout pout face and spread dearies all over the place  He counted off his troubles. Trouble one, I’m not smart. Trouble two, I’ll never get it. Trouble three, I don’t belong, so four I should forget it.

Do you ever feel that way in life? That you’ve lost your way?  And before you know it, you begin counting off your ttoubles?

The Pout-Pout Fish learned his lesson. He had lost his way. He was not looking in the the right door.  His teacher, Mrs. Hewitt, knew that he could do it! She led him to the door marked Brand New Fish. That’s where he belonged. He’d found his place!

You, too, can find your place. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your way, you don’t belong, maybe that’s not your place. Not where God has planned for you. Or maybe you are allowing the enemy to defeat you. I encourage each of you to prayerfully seek God’s direction.

Just like Pout-Pout Fish learned,  each of us are smart! We can get it! We do belong! To the family of God. And don’t forget it!

A lesson meant for preschool children. Became larger than life. I’m approaching a change in my career path. It’s unknown. It’s scary.  Can I do it? At my age? Am I smart enough?  

Yes I can! And so can you! No matter what it is you are facing. The new beginnings. Sometimes we just have to work a little harder. Believe in ourselves a little stronger.  But never give up! You are smart! You can get it! You belong! And don’t forget it! You’re never totally lost. Just like Pout-Pout Fish you may occasionally lose your way. It’s only temporary. And our heavenly father will provide angels to guard us in all our ways! And that’s something to never forget! 

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.                                                          Psalm 91:11

Love and laughter, 



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