Do The Right Thing & Make Good Choices

Good morning! 

Do the right thing. Make good choices. 

These are two of the common phrases you hear each day at Jenks West Elementary, Building B. In every classroom. In the halls. In the cafeteria.  And on the playground. They are two common phrases that would certainly do our country alot of good to not just be heard, but to be put into practice right about now as well! 

It’s social etiquette 101. We teach it in preschool. But many have forgotten it. Or have chosen to stray away from it. It’s what makes the classrooms that run smoothly run smoothly. And it’s what would make our country, our world, run much more smoothly as well.

Let’s all make an effort to turn away from evil, and do what is right. Do the right thing. Live in peace. That means 24/7. That means when no one is looking. It’s called integrity. 

Let’s all make good choices. Not follow the crowd.  Instead let’s follow the guidelines laid out for us by our creator. They are not associated with political party. With celebrity status. They are not associated with income.  They are not even associated with sex or race. They were established by our God as the blueprint on how to live. How to do the right thing. How to know what choices are considered making good choices.

Let’s all strive for the day we can turn on the news and see people doing the right thing. Making good choices. Every day. Everywhere. We may not see it this side of heaven,  but that day will come. And I for one want to be caught doing the right thing when it does! 

Turn away from evil and do what is right! Strive for peace and promote it!         Psalm 34:14

Love and laughter, 



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