Take Care Of Yourself

Good morning! 

I take care of my 87 year old dad. And my golden retriever. I work two jobs to make ends meet. Both my jobs entail helping in some way to take care of children. Children that are not typical. Children with physical or mental developmental issues or illness. 

I’ve found my niche. I’m a caregiver. I love taking care of others. 

But rarely do I take care of myself. I’m very healthy. I’m very low maintenance. No meds. Very little make up. I wear my hair longer these days. I wash it, scrunch it, and I go. I sleep very little. My diet is primarily coffee, tacos, soups or salads. And chocolate. 😦  Scrubs and leggings are my wardrobe most days.

 But awhile ago I had to do just that. Take care of myself. My eye pressures had caused me to stop snd take care of myself. 

I have glaucoma. I had taken eye drops for years to control it. The drops were no longer serving their purpose, so I needed eye surgery to reduce my eye pressures. . 

On my long drives to and from OKC by myself, on my long nights sitting up at the hospital,  I had ample time to think.about what I needed to tweak in my lifestyle to better take care of myself. 

After all this is the only body I get. I love water! I’m rarely a pop or tea drinker. Easy breezy. I needed to drink more water. I needed to eat more healthily. Just say no to the goldfish and animal crackers at snack time for our kids. Stay out of the break rooms at work. Avoid the temptation all together. The sweets brought in by patient’s and student’s families. I needed to  walk my  dog at the park. Every day.. For him and for me. 

I’ve found I’m a very comfortable giver. Not so much a taker. Taking the time and energy to take care of  me is uncomfortable. 

It’s time for me to apply the oxygen mask rule. Put your mask on first so you can take care of others around you.

I realized I have not been glorifying the body God gave me. I’ve been taking it for granted. Just like I take my car in to Jiffy Lube to keep it in tip top shape, I also need to do the same with my body. Treat it as the temple God created it to be. Use it to glorify God. In what I put into it and what I allow to come out of it. My thoughts. My words. My actions.

How about you? Are you taking care of your body?  That includes your tongue and your mind. Are you using it as God so intended? Do your thoughts, your words, and your actions bring glory to God? Match up with His word?

One look at the daily news. One look at social media, and I can bet many cannot say yes to that!

Let’s all take care of ourselves.  Not just from a secular perspective, but also from a godly one. Remember the oxygen mask. And just know God’s always got His on first. So He can assist us in putting on our proverbial oxygen mask next. If you need help with yours, He’s always there,  just ask Him.:) He’s our lifeline. He’s the air we breathe.  Let’s all glorify Him through our bodies today! 

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.
1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Love and laughter, 



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