Pass It On

Good morning! 

As I celebrated my father’s birthday, I was reminded of the other elder in my life. My Aunt Barb. ♡  I had spent the last morning of my recent winter break in her company.

There is always something to see at her house, and she always has a story to tell along with it. Every little knick knack has a tale. And she remembers who, what, when, and where each one came from! She is 89. Trust me. She’s got a few stories to tell. 🙂

Although Christmas had passed the week prior, she still had her decorations up in her home. Enjoying them. Showing them off to those she had invited into her home sweet home. And I was just one of several she had invited into her home over the holidays. 

My favorite story this particular visit was one about a white elephant gift that had been passed back and forth at a Christmas party for one of the organizations she belongs to. She and one of her dear friends had a long time history of stealing each other’s gift. Every year Myra wanted my aunt’s gift.  She had told her she knew she’d always pick a good one. 

The last time they had played the gift exchange game together her friend Myra went home with the coveted gift. A music box disguised as Santa’s Sleigh. 

After the holidays Myra appeared at her door. With sleigh in hand. “Here, you can have it. I’ve enjoyed it over the holidays.” was her response. My aunt asked her if she just wanted her to store it for her until next Christmas. These two had more fun messing with each other over their Christmas gifts!  The sleigh remained in the possession of Myra.

As my aunt told her story I felt like I was listening to the sequel of Steel Magnolias between Ouiser and Clairee. 🙂

Fast forward. Myra’s daughter now appears at my aunt’s door a few days after Christmas bearing a gift. She told my aunt she had found it in her mothers things. It didn’t fit in her armoire so she figured my aunt could have it back.

Myra had passed. Christmas had passed. But Santa’s Sleigh lives on. Along with some priceless memories between two friends.

In Myra’s passing, her daughter had passed it on. The music box disguised as Santa’s Sleigh. The gift that had been passed between two dear friends for years. It now came to rest on Aunt Barb’s table. And for storage. For years to come.

i told my aunt that I want that little music box. To pass on to my children and to share the story it holds. Of not just Santa’s gifts, but the gift of friendship..                                                                          What all do we actually pass on to our children?

As we settle into this new year, soon with a new leader of our country, let’s all give thought to what we are passing on to others. To future generations.  Is it our prejudices.  Our hatred.  I certainly hope not! Let’s instead pass on God’s love. His word. A helping hand.  Encouragement.  Joy. And peace.

Just as Santa leaves a gift each year from his sleigh, let’s all leave a gift that will last for eternity.  God’s love. Pass it on! ♡ 

Pass it on to your children, and from your children to their children, and from their children to the following generation.                                                   Joel 1:3

Love and laughter, 



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