Hand Knit Hats

Good morning! 

I love Christmas! ♡  The music. The lights. The baked treats. The excitement of children.  The cold weather perfect for fireplaces and snuggling under warm cozy blankets. The boots and the socks and the scarves and the gloves. And the hats!

My favorite Christmas present the past two years that I’ve worked at Jenks West is the present given to each of our pre-K classroom friends.  It’s Miss Marilyn’s hand knit hats!  

Once the school year commences and she finds out how many she needs, her friend and neighbor begins knitting Miss Marilyn’s students hats. For Christmas. This year we had 41. And I believe she threw in a few extras for good measure. What a true labor of love! ♡

They are beautiful! Each one a little different. For boys and for girls. 

Thank you Ann Dowdell! ♡                         You so touch my heart as you touch the lives of our special friends. Your handicraft touches each of them as they wear your gift of love this winter season and many more I’m sure! 

To knit means to unite by interlocking. Just as Ann Dowdell knits together colorful strands of yarn, interlocking them with her needles to make her priceless hats, God is busy knitting together future generations of more students. He’s making His precious handiwork. 

Did you know God did just that for you and for me? He knit us together in our mother’s womb.  Just as He so desired. Just like Ann’s hats. Each one different. Next to the conception and birth of Jesus, that’s still the biggest miracle I know. And tomorrow we get to experience the celebrated anniversary of that very miracle.  Christmas day. ♡

Let’s all take a moment in the busyness of this weekend to thank all those out there that volunteer their time, their services, and their supplies to make the holidays brighter for others. The bell ringers, the carolers, and all those behind the scenes, like our friend Ann, that go unnoticed,  but certainly not unappreciated. Here’s to you! ♡

Thank you Ann for your generous gift of your time and your love and your supplies to make Christmas a little warmer and a little brighter on the heads and in the hearts of our children!  And thank you in advance for my hat that you are going to knit fot me over break!!! ♡ And thank you Miss Marilyn for offering her services.for her! 🙂

May your Christmas Eve be full of love and warmth. From your head. To your toes! 🙂

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.                                                         Psalm 139:13

Love and laughter, 



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