Christmas Lights Extravaganza

Good morning! 

Yesterday was my last day of school for this year. To celebrate,  I spent my evening with the very thing I would be missing from my life over the next few weeks. Kids! šŸ™‚

I joined my oldest daughter and my two grandchildren and went to Rhema to enjoy our warmer weather and walk around and enjoy their Christmas Lights Extravaganza. 

For those of you that have never experienced Christmas time at Rhema, let me explain. 

There are over two million lights and over 100,000 shimmering bulbs that are synchronized to Christmas music. It’s been put on every year since 1982 by Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow. For free. Oh, you can purchase drinks and popcorn and light up toys or offer a donation, but you can have a great night out with the kids, young and old, and not break your Christmas budget. Dave Ramsey would be proud! 

The entire campus is in lights. You can walk through the many pathways and bridge by the duck pond or stay in the warmth of your car and do the drive through condensed version if the weather outside is frightful. Droves of people come out each year to view the sight. It’s Oklahoma’s number one Christmas lights attraction.

For us this year, two lightsabers (Grandy is such a softy.), 2 cappuccinos, and 2 hot chocolates later, we were done. 

Or at least Tucker was. šŸ˜¦ So was Grandy s cappuccino (that was quickly spilled when sat down for a special Kodak moment) and one lightsaber that met it’s fate in battle.  While being a Jedi warrior with his new lightsaber, Tucker had managed to run in front of a much bigger person than he and had fallen to the ground atop his make believe weapon and broke his lightsaber in two. You could just watch his little heart breaking in his hand as he quietly just held his broken toy. I felt my own heart break just a little.

Mom had a lesson. “I told you to be careful”, she said. “I don’t say it to be mean. I say it to protect you. That’s what happens”. 

We left the campus with not nearly the jovial spirit we had arrived with. We made a pit stop at my son-in-law’s place of business. He was working late.  And very conveniently nearby Rhema. An unsuccessful effort was made to save the saber while there, then home we went. 

It’s the holiday season! It’s almost Christmas!  What Grandy in her right mind is going to let her four year old grandson’s memory of Christmas Lights Extravaganza 2016 be shattered by a shattered six dollar lightsaber? Not this one I can assure you! I quietly asked my daughter to swing back by Rhema and let me replace it. We said nothing to the kids  all buckled in their car seats behind us because I wanted to make sure they still had another just like it. 

The transaction went off like clockwork. As I stood on the corner holding my lightsaber my daughter circled around with the traffic and I jumped in the car. I got my Tucker back! ā™” For six dollsrs! It was well worth it. 

This time this mom had a lesson. Grandy trumps mom. It’s Christmas. And Christmas is about children. And the wonder of the season.  And Jesus. And Jesus always trumps Grandy. 

As we drove out of Rhema last night and passed the nativity scene in lights, I thanked little baby Jesus. For His birth. The birth that changed the world. Gave us love and hope. I thanked Him for Tucker. For all my family and friends. For all the many blessings I have shared this holiday season with many. 

I hope you can enjoy the lights of Christmas this holiday season.  Through the eyes of a child as I did. It’s magical! And let’s all take time to worship the true light of the world. Jesus.

To Tucker and Ava: Grandy loves you! Thanks for making my night so merry and bright!  And you too Kristen! ā™”

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, ā€œI am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.ā€                             John 8:12

Love and laughter, 



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