Philbrook Festival 2016

Good morning! 

Yesterday I had the privilege of being treated to brunch at La Villa Restaurant at Philbrook Museum as another one of my holiday merriments. It’s one of my all time favorite treats! ♡

The food is always fabulous,  the restaurant is very aesthetically pleasing, the company is always delightful,  and we always finish it off with a stroll through the museum gift shop.  Oh the treasures they carry there! 

As part of Philbrook Festival 2016, a huge lit Christmas tree is displayed in the rotunda of the museum. It is breathtaking as always. But this year it does not stand alone. The top of the tree is engulfed by snowflakes. It seems to reach upward towards the paper snowflakes hung down from the ceiling floating above it as to say, “let’s dance.” We even saw one snowflake ever so gently fall to the ground as we were admiring the sight. There were lots of them. Tons of them! Too many too even count. Each one totally unique. No two alike. Just like the real ones. Each one created by hand by students who took part in the museum’s event Snowflakes in November.

I find the snowflakes of this past weekend, the real ones as well as the paper ones, simply fascinating.  How no two are alike. How God can be such a God of detail that He can make each of us unique, different, in such a way that there is only one me. And only one you.  We were created exactly how God wanted us to be. 

I oftentimes get down on myself. For choices I’ve made. Paths I’ve taken. Then I’m ever so gently reminded.  This time by a simple hand made paper snowflake created by a child that fell before me and I picked up and the museum cureator. I’m reminded that God doesn’t make mistakes.  He creates everything just as He so desires. I’m not a mistake I’m his creation.  Im His own little snowflake. Just like you. And every other thing created by God. That’s pretty awesome!  

Let’s all praise God for our uniqueness. For beibg God’s creation just as He sees fit. And why not create a few hand made snowflakes while you’re at it? Just for fun! In the holiday spirit. With a child. Just be very careful with the scissors. 🙂

Let the holiday spirit continue to touch you this upcoming week as it has me. After all, it’s the week of Christmas!  It all started with a child. The birth of a child. God’s ultimate gift to the world. 

Stay warm my friends!  ♡

 He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’                                                     Job 37:6

Love and laughter, 



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