Let It Snow

Good morning! 

I woke up this morning to it being a blistering 10 degrees outside. Baby it’s cold outside!

Yesterday Tulsa went from this..

To this.

In terms of snow that is. 

For those of you dreaming of a white Christmas, here it is! It’s the real deal. Just a little early. One week to be exact. 

Who doesn’t love a little snow at Christmas?  It’s sparkling white glistens in the sunlight.  Clean and pure. Face it. It’s beautiful to look at. Even if the kid in you doesn’t want to go out and play in it.By the way, my dog and I already did just that! He loves it! ♡ And I’m sure my grandchildren will be bundled up and out in it as soon as they arise.:)

Have you ever thought about what God thinks about snow? I’m pretty sure a white Christmas was not His plan for the first Christmas.  Although we know it was His creation. We’ll give Bing the credit for making that term famous. 🙂 

That made me wonder. What was the temperature in Jerusalem that morning oh so long ago?  That very first Christmas. So I googled it. This very moment this morning in Jerusalem the temperature is 50. Not quite cold enough for a white Christmas. 

God may not have had a white Christmas in mind for Jerusalem that first Christmas,  but He did use reference to snow many times in His word. 

He tells us He will cleanse our sins and make us white as snow. That’s pretty white. I’m looking out the window as I write this and looking at snow. Pure, white, glistening snow. Whiter than any of my laundry. 

Let’s all enjoy today’s snow. Whether we are out playing in it or simply enjoying looking at it. It’s another of God’s miracles. And it offers us a White Christmas. A white Christmas season at least. Then let’s all take a moment and thank God for snow. For His unfailing love and forgiveness to wash us white as snow.

May you enjoy this Christmas week with all your upcoming preparations. Today let’s get out the sleds and the hot chocolate and just enjoy! And let it snow!

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.                                         Isaiah 1:18

Love and laughter, 



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