Christmas List

Good morning! 

It’s Christmastime!  That time of year we get out pen and paper and compose those Christmas lists!

Children everywhere have been making their lists and checking them twice.  Hoping to be less on the naughty, more on the nice. So Santa will bring them everything on their Christmas list.

Not a mall exists where Santa doesn’t have droves of children lined up to climb upon his velvety lap and share their heartfelt desires with this jolly bearded fellow.

I’ve passed the age where I make out my Christmas list. Where I climb upon Santa’s lap and tell him my material aspirations. I’m a grown up now. But every year still rolls around and those dear to me ask,  “What do you want for Christmas”?

This year my answer was to have those I love all together.  I don’t want clothes or jewelry or nick nacks or sweet things to eat. I have ample of those. What I truly want can’t be found in stores, online, or hand made in your den or kitchen.

Please don’t get me wrong. Material things are fine and dandy. If I do receive them, I will graciously accept them. ♡ I’ve just reached that place in my life where things are not what’s important to me. People are. Making memories with people is my heart’s desire, what I hold dear. Lasting relationships are what I now cherish and treasure. Love and laughter is what I want. Not just for me, but for everyone. Love in your heart warms the coldest of days. Laughter in your soul lightens the heaviest of burdens. That’s what I want this Christmas. 

What do I need?  Jesus is all I really need. He’s all any of us really need. 

This year I’d like to wear the gift that comes in one size fits all. It speaks the universal language without uttering a sound. The gift that if you give it, you usually receive it back in return. Immediately! The gift that doesn’t cost a thing, but can warm the hearts of a multitude. A smile. 🙂  That’s what I want to wear this Christmas. 

I love to read. Real books made of paper and print. To turn the pages. To lose myself in the lands and times of other characters different from my own. To learn new things. My favorite book again and again no matter how many times I read it, whether from cover to cover or by topical selection, is the Holy Bible. The only book written by many but orchestrated by the one and only God Himself. No matter how many times I flip through its pages it never grows old. It’s words fall fresh and anew upon my heart with new meaning and guidance depending on where I am on my journey of life. It’s the one book that holds all the answers to every question..The one book that always remains a best seller. That’s the book I want to read this Christmas. 

What do you want for Christmas? What do you want Santa to bring?

May each of you receive whatever gifts you so desire on your Christmas list this year. My list is concise, but oh so full of things I value. Things that cannot be filled into Santa’s bag. Things that cannot be wrapped beneath the Christmas tree. But things that you and I can give. To one another. This Christmas.  This year. And every year to come. 

And if you absolutely must put something in my stocking. Something wrapped beneath the tree for me. I’ll offer this one bit of advice, I’ll take chocolate.  🙂

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I send each of you my sincere love this Christmas season and a little Ho Ho Ho to make your holidays brighter!  ♡ 🙂

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.             Proverbs 31:25

Love and laughter, 



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