Run Run As Fast As You Can

Good morning! 

Run! Run! As fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man! 

In Miss Marilyn’s classroom our current unit is on the bakery. As a class, we have our own gingerbread house. We play in flour. We’ve made our own gingerbread play dough.  We even make our own gingerbread men! Out of play dough. We pretend to stir the dough. We roll it out. We cut out the gingerbread men. We pretend to bake them in the oven. Then we eat them up. Real gingerbread cookies, not play dough ones. Just like the sly fox in the tale of the gingerbread man.

We even run and run and run and moo and neigh in front of our seats as we participate along with a video of the gingerbread man.

Running is good for us. It offers a great cardio workout. It’s the latest craze, to run. A 5K. A half marathon. A marathon. Everybody’s doing it . I’ve run a 5K. To say that I’d done it.That’s enough for me. 

Let’s all stop running. Away. From things that really do matter. And stop chasing after the proverbial gingerbread men in our lives. Those things that are just outside of our reach, difficult to catch and once we catch them only seem to bring us a fleeting moment of satisfaction. Or leave us feeling disappointed by being outsmarted by the sly foxes. Those things of this world that are lurking out there to get us. 

Instead let’s run to something or someone. Into the arms of Jesus.. Let’s run the path of righteousness. And maybe after you’re through running; you might just reward yourself with a gingerbread man.  Or two. 🙂 Enjoy the holidays!

I shall run the way of Your commandments, For You will enlarge my heart.                                                         Psalm 119:32

Love and laughter, 



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